Frequently Ask Questions

make sure to browse the Frequently asked questions before reaching out to us, if you have any questions it’s most likely are already answered here. 

our channels list always changes and you have the possibility to extract the channels list from the m3u link which will offer a more accurate number.

yes about 70% of the total number of channels have the EPG and we enable it on more channels on a regular basis. 

we will provide you with a panel that gives you the option to use m3u, Xtream Codes, Stalker Portal, Enigma devices.
and these supported technologies will allow almost any device that has an IPTV player to be supported.
this includes Android ( TV and Phone OS ), IOS, MAC OS, Linux, Windows, MAG box, WebOS ( LG ), Tizen OS ( Samsung TV)...

create a CNAME record on your DNS and point it to the server URL. 

No free trials are not supported. 

each subscurption come with one connection only, we don't have any plans for muticonnections in the same line.

yes, you can create a ticket in the panel to send any channels or VOD your customers have requested
but keep in mind that we are selective when it comes to adding new channels or VOD.
our channels list is not limitless and we are not planning to provide every channel or VOD in the world.
our channel packages are already targeting an international audience.
and we always focus on improving the user experience of the existing customer base.

Yes, you can have your own resellers panel contact us and we will send you all info.

We support a wide variety of payment methods:  this includes PAYPAL, Credit Card, or Bank transfer (Payoneer) which comes with a Special discount